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UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

B.Ed. M.Ed. Human Relations

M.Sc. Gestalt Psychotherapy

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Psychotherapy and counselling provide opportunities to talk about yourself in confidence to someone outside your usual situation - someone skilled in listening and trained to help you explore your thinking, your behaviour, your feelings and your situation.


The terms ‘counselling’ and ‘psychotherapy’ are often used interchangeably and each have variable lengths of trainings for the practitioner. Psychotherapy trainings can be longer than counselling trainings and consequently the therapy process can go deeper into the roots of how we feel and respond as we do. Counselling tends to be shorter term and generally focused on a current issue affecting a person’s life.


Both counselling and psychotherapy can help us discover different ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, but cannot change circumstances for us. The therapist helps clients to make their own choices and decisions but will not give advice or tell clients what to do.

There are many approaches and modalities to counselling and psychotherapy, like ‘… there are many roads that lead to Rome.’ It is important that each person finds the approach that suits them best.



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Couples, relationships, group and family therapy

In relationship counselling it is the relationship and relational dynamics that is the focus of the work. The therapeutic process encourages improved communication and, where appropriate, deeper intimacy. Couples, families and groups can explore skills to resolve conflict and deepen understanding of their individual needs, values, roles and expectations in an atmosphere of respect and honour for the uniqueness of each other, whilst also exploring the completeness of the relationship.


In couples work therapy sessions may be supportive in either rebuilding relationships or enabling couples to separate and negotiate through that process.

Individual therapy in Leicester

Individual therapy is a collaborative process between a trained therapist and a client. This is carried out in a safe, caring and confidential environment. Together a client and therapist will explore feelings, behaviours and beliefs which can be barriers to a fulfilled and happy existence.


Individual therapy can help increase positive feelings, self-awareness and mental well-being. This relationship may only last for a few sessions or continue for longer depending on your needs.