Professional Gestalt therapy in Leicester

In Gestalt therapy the main concern is with your responses in the present. This might involve looking at your past and how it affects you here and now. The main aim is to aid understanding and awareness in a non-judgemental manner. From this supportive relationship we are often able to move towards constructive ways of being and changing.

Gestalt therapy refers to a form of psychotherapy that is guided by the relational theory principle that each individual is a whole (mind, body and soul) and that they are best understood in relation to their current situation as he or she uniquely experiences it.

The approach combines this relational theory with focusing strongly on self-awareness and the ‘here-and-now’, noticing what is happening from one moment to the next. In Gestalt therapy, self-awareness is vital to personal growth and developing full potential. The approach recognises that sometimes this self-awareness can become blocked by self-limiting thoughts and behaviour patterns that can leave people feeling dissatisfied and unhappy.

Gestalt therapy encourages a non-judgemental self-awareness that enables clients to develop a unique perspective on life. By helping an individual to become more aware of how they think, feel and behave in the present moment, gestalt therapy can provide insight into ways in which a person can alleviate their current issues and distress in order to have more choices and to aspire to their maximum potential

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